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Our customers use 3dily to create, manage, distribute and show product images in all variations at multiple touchpoints across their marketing network.


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How We Do It?

Data Gathering

We collect product information such as photographs, 3D models, sketches, and drawings, as well as product dimensions and material swatches and create a standard 3D model of your product. We can also shorten this path by collecting data from your catalogue or website.


You can view the 3D model you ordered in the panel, and after confirmation, the automatic rendering machine prepares all of the images in multiple variations and lifestyle scenes. You can download them in any file format, background color, resolution and so on. Product images with transparent backgrounds are ideal for creative teams.

Managing and reviewing content

All of the products are available in your personal panel at anytime and anywhere. You can manage, review and download the 3D models in various file formats and customized images right through this panel.


You can directly download images from your personal panel in single or bundle packages. Your customers can also use the 3Dily API system to receive images with specific features via codes. More information on API best practices can be found here.

Showing Product

Our 360 product viewer is designed for the best user experience. It captures images directly from 3Dily and displays them on your website. In addition to the 360 product viewer, it also shows lifestyle scenes, videos, external media, and augmented reality (AR).

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Expertise + Technology

Team of experts

Our professional team is consists of 3d artists, interior designers and material specialist who prepare accurate images for you.


Our rendering machine does all the work required. It renders, manages, and delivers thousands of images just with few clicks.

We love the 3Dily technology. It has let us modernize the 3d model options and give our customers a superb customer experience online and especially on their mobiles whilst shopping with us. We recommend the 3dilly to any business wanting to give their customers an interactive experience and who want to increase the opportunity to monetize sales from interaction.

Scott Addy

Owner, The Great British Sofa Company

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